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  • Easy-to-use preattached clamp
  • Durable low-profile luer-lock adapter
  • Soft tip
  • Soft silicone suture wing
  • Medical-grade radiopaque silicone

Available sizes: 4 and 5 Fr. Single-Lumen & 7 Fr. Dual-Lumen


The biocompatibility of silicone in an intermediate-term percutaneous catheter

  • Catheter design facilitates threading of the catheter onto the guidewire and advancement of the catheter/guidewire assembly into the vessel
  • Soft tip reduces potential of venous wall erosion and perforation
  • Medical-grade radiopaque silicone construction for biocompatibility
  • Durable low-profile luer-lock adapter facilitates cleaning and helps to increase patient comfort
  • Soft silicone suture wing helps provide reliable securement and minimizes trauma at the catheter insertion site
  • Easy-to-use preattached clamp helps prevent catheter damage
  • Permanent external clamping segment eliminates cost and inconvenience of extension sets; promotes aseptic care

Convenient, over-the-wire placement, anywhere in the hospital

Hohn® Central Venous Catheters are packaged sterile in procedure-specific trays containing all catheter components. You are able to place or exchange the catheter at any time, in any location—in the OR, at the bedside, in the ER—for total parenteral nutrition, antibiotics, and chemotherapy.

Indications For Use

Hohn® catheters are intended for central venous access and for use in patients that lack adequate peripheral venous access. They are designed for administering I.V. fluids, blood products, drugs and parenteral nutrition solutions, as well as blood withdrawl.

The Hohn® dual lumen catheter is intended for multi-purpose access when two separate fluid pathways are required. The larger lumen (identified by the red adapter) is designed to facilitate blood sampling or the infusion of blood products.

Please consult product labels, IFU, and package inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions, and instructions for use.


Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.